Data Governance in Africa

The aim of the Data Governance Resource Centre (DGRC) is to contribute to the body of evidence available for those influencing policy in data protection, data bias, open data, and other issues pertaining to data governance with a focus on issues relevant to the Global South, in particular Africa. In response to this overarching aim the DGRC has embarked on a Data Governance Principles Project that will provide introductory and background information on what Data Governance is in the global context as well as in Africa. The research collates studies on data governance that have already been conducted, as well as provides an understanding of data governance from both theory and practice by engaging with stakeholders within data governance on the continent.

As a result of the mapping and engagement with Stakeholders the DGRC visually represents the Regulators across the continent that provide for the regulation of both personal and other data. These regulators include Data Protection Regulations and other Regulators tasked with regulating the provision of electronic communication services and products, sets standards for the ICT sector and protecting the rights and interests of consumers, service providers, suppliers, and manufacturers. This stakeholder map can be used to analyse and understand which regulators are involved in and responsible for the governance of data, development of policies for the governance of data and handling of complaints in relation to the governance of data.